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The Nelly Toll Story

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”
– Albert Einstein

Nelly Toll is only eight years old when she and her mother are forced into hiding from Nazis occupying Lwow, Poland in 1943. For nearly two years, they hide in a small, bare room. With the help of her mother’s vivid storytelling, Nelly escapes into her own imaginary world, painting watercolored images of brighter places. To imagine a better world under the most threatening of circumstances is a human gift of hope and courage. Nelly’s story is a testament to the human power of survival, a story of love between a mother and her child, and evidence of the saving powers of the imagination. Through art, a better world can emerge.


The Sammy Nestico Story

“A person’s music can never be more or less than they are as a human being. Sammy is as great a human being as he is a musician.”
-Quincy Jones

Sammy Nestico is acclaimed as one of the greatest contributors to the field of music of the last century, working in classical, jazz and big band; as a composer, orchestrator, writer, arranger, and last but not least, as an educator. His career spans over seventy-years and he continues to work, at an age when most people have long since retired. Following a life in the shadow helping to mold careers of some of the greatest music icons of the last century, Maestro Sammy Nestico fulfills his lifetime dream. For the first time, through exclusive access, his story will be told.